What is Genelet?

Genelet is a multilingual framework for developing secure, scalable and high-performance web sites, currently available in GO Lang, Java and Perl.


Easy To Program

Genelet is easy to learn, to develop, to debug and to deploy: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

  • Genelet automatically delivers REST APIs of database.
  • Developers can add unlimited login roles against user account, OAuth1 and OAuth2.
  • It serves HTML pages and JSON APIs at the same time.
  • It is strictly MVC.
  • It handles most common tasks like email, SMS, push notification and etc.
  • It has an online debugging package.
  • The helper tool generates an initial layout of project, helping to launch project quickly.


Secure & Scalable

  • Genelet has the standard authentication & authorization handling for login roles.
  • It can protect data down to individual components i.e. ACL, or to individual items, sometimes called row-level security in database.
  • It interacts with database as little as possible. In most cases, it calls only one SQL query per request and can gain the max serving speed.
  • Genelet’s native Schrodinger Cache can deliver dynamic contents even faster.
  • Genelet keeps minimal dependence on 3rd-party packages.


Multilingual Framework

Genelet defines a guideline for quick and secure web development.

  • In Genelet, a web project consists of components and actions such as the RESTful verbs. Genelet is horizontally scalable, because adding more components or actions won’t push it to be exponentially complicate at later stage.
  • Coding is repeatable, fun and very efficient.
  • It is in GO Lang, Java EE and Perl. Implementation in Python is under consideration.
  • It is a united architecture for all programming languages, being easy to switch between languages or to upgrade in development.


“Hello World!”

There is no “Hello World!” demo in Genelet. Even would such a simply page require full development including configuration, authentication and template etc.

Nowadays, a real website has at least two groups of users: public visitors and administrators. It should be able to present itself in both HTML and JSON API.  Genelet is designed for such websites with all important whistles and bells. It takes a little bit of preparing work to start with, but helps you move on quickly later.