Config 1.2: Global Properties

Special Names in URL

These names have special meanings in URL. If you have to use different ones for whatever reason, you may change them in config.js.

Action_name       default:"action"

Variable name for action, e.g. action=topics defining an topics action. You can change the name to verb and pass the same action by: verb=topics.

Login_name        default:"login"

If component in the URL equals to this string, we interpret it as a login request.

Logout_name       default:"logout"

If component equals to this string, we interpret it as a logout request.

Provider_name     default:"provider"

Name for login’s issuer. E.g. provider=google.

Go_uri_name       default:"go_uri"

When visitor hits a protected page, one would be redirected to login screen. The original URL will be assigned to variable go_uri. After successful login, one would be redirected to the original page.

Go_probe_name     default:"go_probe"

Some browsers blocks cookie. A probing cookie of this name is used to detect the case.

Go_err_name       default:"go_err"

Name to record failed login code.


(NAME)             (EXAMPLE)
Document_root      "/home/user1/www"

The root directory for “index.html”.

Project           "myproject"

Your project name.

Script           "/cgi-bin/myscript"

The name of HANDLER , as a relative URL path.

Pubrole          "pubic"

Name of the public role.

Uploaddir        "/home/website/www/uploads"

Top directory for uploading files.

Cachetop         "/home/website/www/caches"

Top directory for cached pages.

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