Config 3.2: Login and Issuers

To enter a gate, you need to buy a ticket or login. You can buy the ticket from multiple issuers so Issuers is define to be a multiple-entry map:

Issuers: {
  provider: issuer object,
  provider: issuer object, ...

The issuer object consists of the following key-value pairs:

  • Default , true means it’s the default issuer of this gate.
  • Sql, string. Usually a stored procedure to authenticate the login.
  • Credential, array of credential variables in the login form. In case of Oauth, this may consists of provider’s error codes.
  • In_pars, for Oauth only, array of input parameters to Sql.
  • Out_pars, for Oauth only, array of output parameters from Sql. Default to be the same as Attributes.
  • Sql_as, string. An admin role can login as a normal role with this stored procedure.
  • Screen, integer, Logic And 1 for attaching URL, 2 for IP, 4 for user agent, 8 for referrer.
  • Provider_pars, an object to pass provider’s parameters to the issuer;


To Login

Note that the general URL format is:


If component matches the pre-defined Login_name in config.json, the request will be treated as a login to role. You need to post a web form containing the first two variables in Credential. Optionally, you may attach provider so Genelet knows which issuer to use, and go_uri so Genelet knows where to redirect after login. See development manuals for details.

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